value_carpetAccording to the World Floor Covering Association the Top 10 Hardwood Trends are…

1. Authenticity
2. Handscrape Hardwood Flooring
3. Wide-Width Wood Planks
4. Distressed Wood Flooring
5. Exotic Hardwood Floors
6. Harder Finishes
7. Engineered Wood Floors
8. Sustainability: Cork, Bamboo and Others
9. Color
10. Value

Really?! “Hardwood Value” at the bottom of the list?!

I am certain that the list provided above is not in order of what is most important to today’s consumer when shopping for hardwood. I think they are right on target by listing hardwood’s attributes first. However, in dealing with the today’s consumer I’ve learned that the aesthetics of wood is not always the most important. That said, I love the way the author of this article broached the subject of value. “Value is getting the highest quality product at the best price.” Remember, value and quality go hand-in-hand. So when you head out to shop for hardwood remember to think about your living space and long term investment before making your hardwood purchase.